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To perform Cryoablation, MML-Medical provides you with the Visual-ICE Cryo system that can be used in combination with various Cryo Needles. The Cryo needle that you use for a treatment depends, among other things, on the location, the extent of the lesion and the patient. That is why MML-Medical supplies various Cryo Needles.

Visual ICE Cryosystem
The Visual ICE Cryosystem has been specially designed to improve and simplify the treatment of lesions. With the Visual-ICE system you have better control over the treatment zone. This is partly due to the Cryosystem interfaces that support you during the treatment.

Cryo needles
- IceSeed
- IceSphere
- IceRod
- IceRod CX
- IceRod PLUS
- IceEDGE 2.4




Cryoablation is a renowned freezing technique for treating lesions. By combining the MML-Medical equipment with your own Echo, CT or MRI equipment you can work even more precisely during the treatment of your patients. This method is ideally suited for treating lesions in the kidneys, prostate or bone.

Benefits Cryoablation
Treatment of lesions with cryoablation appears to be effective in 95 percent of treated lesions. In addition, the complication rates for this treatment are low. The use of Cryo Needles also ensures that a patient does not need surgery. As a result, they lose less blood and the recovery and stay in the hospital is a lot shorter. During treatment you have an excellent view of the ablation zone, which gives you optimum control over the treatment of the lesion.


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