Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)

VIVA RF Generator with Star RF electrode

MML-Medical supplies the VIVA RF System for RFA that you can use in combination with multiple electrodes. The electrode that you use depends, among other things, on the location, the size of the lesion and the patient.

VIVA RF System
The VIVA RF System is the generator that supplies electrodes with energy. You can operate the Viva Generator very easily and determine the intensity of the treatment yourself. The system is used for the following indications: Liver, kidneys, lungs, myoma in the uterus, breast, bone and thyroid gland. If you use RFA in combination with imaging, you have optimum control over the abalation zone.

- Octopus RF Electrode
- Star RF Electrode
- VIVA RF Electrode

star RF Electrode-Fixed


Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA)

Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) is an ablation technique that treats lesions with the help of radio waves. This technique is minimally invasive and very suitable for treating lesions in for example the liver, thyroid gland and bone.

Advantages of RFA
By treating minimally invasive with RFA you save patients an operation. This means  a faster recovery and shorter stay in the hospital. MML has a wide selection of electrodes to perform this treatment. This allows you to properly treat lesions in various places in the body. With the help of imaging you can also work very meticulously.

Thyroid gland

Radio Frequent Ablation of thyroid nodules
In June 2002, Professor J. H Baek M.D conducted the first RFA procedure in Korea for the treatment of benign thyroid nodules. In the meantime, he has treated many patients very successfully, has done various (multicenter) studies on this treatment and has discussed this at many (international) congresses.

The treatment is carried out using the so-called "moving shot technique". This means that the needle is inserted and the ablation is done during the withdrawal of the needle. By using this technique, an RFA can be done safely using ultrasound. By inserting the needle transistically, the electrode is fully visible with a transverse echo. One of the advantages of inserting the needle transistically is that there will be minimal heating of the "danger triangle" with a number of nerves in it.

Dr Baek uses the VIVA RF system in combination with the specially designed 18 G Star RF electrodes from STARmed.

3 Specially designed electrodes dedicated for Thyroid RFA:
STAR RF electrode 18 G, 7 cm with a tip of 5, 7 and 10 mm
STAR RF electrode Uni Faced, with this you create a half-moon ablation zone
STAR RF electrode Bipolar, the energy flow that occurs only goes between the poles of the electrode.

Several different publications confirm the safety of this procedure. Amongst them the study by Prof. Baek into the (very low!) complications of this treatment:  "Complications Encountered in the Treatment of Benign Thyroid Nodules with US-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation".

1459 patients are treated in this study. And only 3.3% have had a (mostly minor) complication. All complications recovered without further medical treatment.

Various studies have been published about the efficacy of the treatment. A study published in 2013 (Eur. Radiol) describing a 4-year follow-up shows that more than 93% volume reduction has occurred after treatment (or treatments).

What is the maximum volume to be removed?
There is no maximum volume. By using the "moving shot technique" you can treat even the largest of nodules. Sometimes, to avoid adjacent critical structures, the procedure has to be repeated after the first volume reduction.

Indications for the treatment of thyroid nodules with the help of RFA:
- Benign thyoid nodules
- Symptoms such as neck pain, dysphasia, cough
- Cosmetic issues
- AFTN related to thyrotoxicosis
- Recurrent thyroid carcinomas, for example in high risk, non operable, patients.

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