ECO-200G Microwave Therapeutic System, Intelligent

MML-Medical supplies the Microwave Therapeutic System that is used in combination with multiple Microwave Antennas. The antenna that is used depends, among other things, on the location, the extent of the lesion and the patient.

ECO Microwave Generator
The portable ECO Microwave Generator with easy to use touch screen user interface provides the antennas with MW energy.


  • Antenna 14G 15cm Intelligent Ceramic L-shape 12mm tip
  • Antenna 14G 15cm Intelligent Metallic L-shape 11mm tip
  • Antenna 14G 20cm Intelligent Ceramic L-shape 12mm tip
  • Antenna 14G 20cm Intelligent Metallic L-shape 11mm tip
  • MRI antenna 15G 15cm, L-shape 18mm tip
  • MRI antenna 15G 20cm, L-shape 18mm tip
Antenna intelligent ceramic



Microwave is an ablation technique that allows you to treat lesions using microwave radiation.
This technique is minimally invasive and very suitable for treating all different kinds of lesions.

Advantages Microwave

By treating minimally invasive with MWA you save patients an operation. This means faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. MML has a wide selection of antennas to perform the treatment. This allows you to properly treat lesions in various places in the body. With the help of imaging you can also work very meticulously.

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