Synergo system

The technology
With the Synergo System, bladder instillations are performed through a special instrument (special catheter) in the treatment against non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer. The system combines the bladder instillation with a device that emits Microwave / RF through the instrument in the bladder. Combined with the active instillation, we achieve a SYNERGY that helps against the recurrence of bladder cancer.

The Synergo RITE system includes an RF generator that transmits 'microwave jets' at 915 MHz (low microwave area), a pump unit (which pumps the cooled cytostatic) and a computer that runs specific software for monitoring and controlling the treatment, so that the procedure is fully controllable.



The special Synergo catheter
A sterile special silicone catheter is used for the treatment. Through this instrument/catheter the bladder instillation takes place with the cytostatic. In addition, the catheter contains the RF / MW antenna, which emits the radiation and temperature sensors that monitor the temperature of the bladder wall in various places in the bladder.
The difference is made by the RF / MW radiation! In addition to heating the bladder wall in a controlled manner (hyperthermia), it causes changes in the cancer cells (among other things, "tunneling nano tubes" and metabolic effects), so that the cytostatic can work better.


How does it work?
Synergy (more than the sum of the parts) between RF radiation and the cytostatic agent. The cytostatic agent is heated IN the tissues and NOT in the bladder itself for patient comfort, protection of the urethra and stability of the cytostatic agent..


The local, non-ionizing, RF radiation ensures increased inter- and intracellular mobility and uptake of the cytostatic. This occurs through the development of micropores in the cell membrane of the cancer cells, the separation of the cancer cells from each other and through active diffusion (by generating Foucault currents).


Accurate real-time temperature is measured at 5 places: 3 on the bladder wall and 2 in the ureter. The combination of RF, chemo and hyperthermia is the winning combination in the treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC).

Prof. Dr. med. J.A. Witjes

"I have seen remarkable reactions in these patients despite being on the list for a cystectomy"

Prof. Dr. med. J.A. Witjes 
PhD MD EAU guidelines Chairman of the MIMBC panel
Radboud UMC, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

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